Home Security IP Wi-Fi Wireless Mini Network Surveillance Wifi 720P Night Vision CCTV Camera Baby Monitor

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    This system is great for monitoring your baby during the day and night! Please use responsibly and do not leave infant unattended even though it may be tempting!
    • Brand Name: SANNCE
    • Type: IP Camera
    • Style: Box Camera
    • High Definition: 720P(HD)
    • Connectivity: IP/Network Wireless
    • Lens (mm): 3.6mm
    • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7,Windows 98,Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 8,Windows 10
    • Model Number: I21AG
    • Sensor: CMOS
    • Technology: Infrared
    • Special Features: Vandal-proof
    • Sensor Brand: SONY
    • Supported Mobile Systems: Android,Symbian
    • Power Consumption(W): 6w
    • Alarm Action: FTP Photo
    • Power Supply(V): 5V
    • Network Interface: Wi-Fi/802.11/b/g
    • Dimensions (L x W x D)(mm): 89-95*114MM
    • IR Distance(m): 10-15m
    • Video Compression Format: H.264
    • Viewing Angle (Degree): 60°
    • Minimum Illumination(Lux): 0.01
    • is_customized: Yes
    • Wall Bracket: Side
    • Color: White
    • Installation: Ceiling
    • Audio Output: other
    • Technology: Pan / Tilt
    • Storage card slot: Micro sd card 8/16/32/64Gb
    • P2P: Smartlink P2P Plug and Play
    • Sensor: CMOS
    • Audio Output: Two way audio
    • Alarm Action: FTP Photo,Email Photo
    • Power Consumption(W): <6w
    • Display Resolution: 1280*720/640*360/320*180
    • Supported Mobile Systems: iPhone OS/Android
    • Power Supply(V): 110-220V

    How To Setup
    1. Download and Install the App 
    a. Make sure your mobile devices are connected to the network properly (Wi-Fi);
    b .For Android phone users, download the free app by searching "netcam" in "Google Play Store", scanning the QR-Code on the camera;
    c. For iPhone or iPad users, download the free app by searching "netcam" in "App Store" or scanning the QR-Code on the package.
    2. Connect the IP Camera
    a. Install the Wi-Fi antenna. Twist the antenna tightly and point it upwards;(For built-in antenna devices or integrated devices, please skip these steps).
    b. Plug in the power adapter of the IP camera;
    c. Connect the router (Working Frequency: 2.4GHz,make sure DHCP of the router is on). Insert one end of the Ethernet cable into the router and the other end into the Ethernet port of the IP camera, please wait for about one minute while the cameras is connecting to the router automatically(For devices without Ethernet port, please skip these steps).


    Cannot Connect To WIFI
    1.Please make sure the WIFI Password is correct.
    2.Please make sure the router signal is stable (place IP Camera close to your router for first connection is Recommended).The Camera will not work on a 5Ghz wireless standard at this time. If you have a dual-band router, be sure to segregate your wireless channels and connect the Camera to the 2.4ghz channel.

    Check The IP Camera: please make sure the IP Camera send Waiting for connection message after the plug. If not, we need to reset the Camera.
    1.Why Reset: reset is used to boost the IP Camera system, which become more efficient to accept the unknown router and connect it.
    Reset will erase all user settings including WIFI information, access password, alarm information, arming zones information.
    2.The Steps: find the reset hole at the bottom of the device, and then use needle to insert it, press it more more than three seconds after hearing "di" sound, when hearing 'Reset to be defaulted setting' sound, reset successfully.
    3.After the reset, user can start to connect it by WIFI.